Dairy Brush

Milky Can Brush Set:
Aluminium can of 40 Ltrs. are cleaned inside as well as outside by Automatic Can Scrubber M/c. The 'Top' Rotating Brush Clean Inside of the Can thoroughly. The 'Bottom' Rotating Brush Clean Outside of the can as well as neck of the Can. There is a Side Brush to guide & clean Outside Cans. Hand Brush is used to Scrub the Extra particles of the Cans.  

Milky Pipeline Cleaning Brush:  
It is in different size to scrub & Clean inside S.S. Pipeline (1 1/2",2",2 1/2",& 3" dia.) Which is Standard size & Maximum length upto 4 feet.

  • Bottle Washing Brush: It is used to clean the Bottle & Thermos inside as well as outside.
  • Tank Clean Brush: It is used to Clean the S.S. Tank manually.

Cna Surubber set

Floor Cleaning Brush

Tank cleaning brush

Tanker Cleaning Brush

Bottle Washing Brush

Floor Cleaning Brush

Floor Squzer