About Us


About Us

Brush India Mfg Private Limited leading global manufacturer of high quality Industrial Brushes for various industries like textile, dairy, paper, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, steel, latex and other industries and their components.Our company is accredited as ISO 9001-2008 Certifited Company the endeavors of the organization are focused towards achieving all-round excellence.The organization seeks to accomplish a fusion of traditional methods and innovative concepts to supply.

Brush India Mfg Private Limited came into existence in late 1983. The journey from supplying Textile brushes to becoming one of the best makers of industrial brushes has been filled with accomplishments and accolades.



Brush India Mfg Private Limited manufactures a wide variety of brushes and brush components that meet diversified usage. A variety of products can be classified as follows:

We offer a wide range of brushes that cater to varied requirements. Our range of brushes are for various small and big industry. Apart from the available varieties of brushes in standard sizes, we can also manufacture these as per the buyer’s requirements.

Brush Components
We also manufacture various brush. We offer a wide range of these components and can also design and customize these as per the buyer’s specifications.


We are one of the largest global producers of brushes. Our company enjoys the good reputation with a number of buyers, spread across the globe. Our products can be found in North America, almost all European countries, Australia/ New Zealand, Middle East Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world.


The ENVIRONMENT – in nature & fully conform to the European & American safety standards.



Fully integrated manufacturing plant with facility to
manufacture any type of brushes

1 Our Modern Brush making plants are based on proven European technology.

2 Our Sophisticated Technical Centre is equipped with CAD/CAM technology that enables us to design and develop high precision components in the least possible time.

We believe that our customer (our prime force and figure), our employees and our environment are of profound importance.

In addition the advantages our customers will receive are numerous.

A variety of products are customized to suite the preferences of each individual customer a shorter lead time.
In addition you get the opportunity to request combined shipments for any of the products we manufacture under the shelter within our Group