Cylindrical Brush Rollers

It’s simply perfect: perfect systems that will seduce you with their simplicity. Auto-assemblable Cylindrical Brushes. A great variety of models are produced permanently.

This system has a long tradition: Brush India brushes have been in the market for last  many years. We introduce Zig-Zag Brush roller system which can be directly assembled on shaft core.

Everything works a lot better when one can work quickly and at a reasonable price.

The brush can be quickly assembled and disassembled, thus it can be easily repaired several times.

Its trapeze-shaped filaments are safe and stable and form a compact tissue, and naturally, they guarantee the proper sliding of the brush.

Thanks to the assembly units system, the worn-down segments of a cylindrical brush can also be replaced. On the whole, storage is simplified, since it’s not necessary to transport the cylindrical bodies. 

It’s simply perfect: perfect systems that will seduce you with their simplicity.

But what seems so simple is in fact the result of many years of research and development work The brush technique is our specialty.

Cylindrical Brush Roller for Fruit Washing/Cleaning Machine.

Since many years Brush India’s Manufacture Cylindrical Brush roller for many Industries and supplied with success into Various industries..The Brush is manufactured as per Customer Drawings and Specification due to various OEM Machine Specification

Our Company is Following a Cost leadership Strategy. Providing a high quality together with a low price. Hence, we are sure that our brushes will reduce client costs enhancing their competitiveness. However, we are maintaining a high quality using the best Filament within the market.

Cylindrical Brush roller used for Various Application such as Cleaning, Finishing, Polishing, Sueding, Applying and many more.

Either construction is suitable for washing, waxing, polishing or drying. The difference between washing, waxing, polishing and drying, is the type of filament used. We use only the finest filaments in their brushes.

Fruit and vegetables cleaned on brushes include: oranges, lemons, apples, plums, nectarines, peaches, avocadoes, melons, onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes etc. We can also provide skinning brushes for potatoes, carrots and onions. Standard Specification.

Brush Standard Diameter 100 mm, 115 mm, 125 mm. (Also can be made as per your request)
Standard Length 300,450,600,900,1000,1200,1500,1800. Mm (Also can be made as per your request)

Fruit Washing/Waxing Filament and its Uses

Synthetic Filament/Fiber Application USES
Polyethylene X Profile All Fruits and Vegetables Washing and Drying in Cold Water
Nylon All Fruits and Vegetables. Washing and Drying with Hot Water.
Horse Hair/Polyethylene. Fruits Waxing and Polishing
Horsehair/Nylon All fruits Washing and Polishing The Brush