Strip Brushes

Brush India strip brushes are custom manufactured to your exact specification. Our strip brushes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes to suit virtually any application

Strip Brushes perform a multitude of functions in a production environment. Strip brushes feature a formable metal structural element, the channel base, and brush fill that can be varied as to material type, trim length, density, and flexibility.

A Strip Brush can function as a brush seal on a piece of equipment, a flexible shield against mist, dust, light, heat, or intrusion into a point of operation. Mounted to contact a conveyed product, a Strip Brush can function as a product hold-down, a static reduction device, a detector of holes in insulating coatings, an applicator of wet or dry coatings or a duster to remove loose material. Mounted on a conveyor line,

The cut of the brushes to an individually required strip length or trim, as well as the additional drilling of holes in the extrusions is all part of our service.

On request we can supply the backing in stainless steel and as fill material all common synthetic filaments, wires and natural fibres are possible. To choose the right fill material for your individual application, please see the overview of filaments and properties.

Brush India manufactures Strip brush in a variety of channel sizes and material offerings.

Channel base material options include:

  • Strip brushes in several styles, shapes & sizes for all industries
  • Strip brush holders for easy mounting
  • Strip brush fill materials include synthetic, abrasive nylon, natural bristle and wire.
  • Galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum backing
  • In-stock & Custom manufactured metal back strip brushes
  • Galvanized Steel - most economical
  • Stainless Steel - resists corrosion
  • Aluminum - resists corrosion, lightweight
  1. Strip Brush in various sizes and Fill material Available in Stock
  2. Staples set strip brush can be made to any length from 30mm to 3500mm.
  3. Strip brush base material can be Plastic, Wood, Metal, Coil, etc
  4. Can be made with Choice of Various Fill material like Nylon, PP, Steel, hair, etc.

Strip Brush Applications:

  • Prevents air and dirt contamination.
  • Sound dampening strips.
  • Door Mounting
  • Prevents light, vapors, and over spray from entering
  • Seal around a lever or control arm.
  • Conveyor belt seals/guides to keep material on the conveyor.
  • Strips to reduce or eliminate static build-up.
  • Act as a stationary spreader or blade to move material.
  • Splash guards or curtains on equipment.
  • Cable guides or cable ways on furniture or electrical cabinets.