Scrubbing Brush


Light and Heavy Duty Scrubbing, Cleaning, Polishing Brushes

Manufactures and export all kinds of Sweeping Brushes and are proud to be your one stop source for all sweeper and scrubber brushes and brooms. We are currently manufacturing a complete line of sweeper and scrubber main brooms.

Our brushes are staple set, using the highest quality cores and fill material available. Every brush is checked for precision dynamically balanced if out of specification. Our manufacturing equipment is considered one of the best precision staple set units in the world.

All of our circular brushes are supplied on hygienic, impact resistant, High Density plastic backs.

Standard Sizes Available from 8” To 20 “Diameter with choice of various fill material

Filaments and their properties For Scrubbing, Cleaning & Polishing Brushes

Filaments Available Purpose and Benefits Application in use
Polypropylene Monofilaments Cleaning and  Scrubbing For medium scrubbing of floor finishes. Available in stiff, crimped, Used on large cleaning machines. Our best selling 'low cost' scrubbing brush.
Nylon monofilament Durable, long wearing nylon For light and medium scrubbing of floor finishes. Nylon bristles generally outlast polypropylene brushes by 30%
Abrasive monofilament Durable, long life It can be used to replace to both clean and maintain floors. Recommended for light cleaning of; vinyl tiles, quarry tiles, linoleum, terrazzo, ceramic, marble and epoxy paint
Bassine Fibre Can be used in wet condition Stiff natural bassine fibre for general (light) wet scrubbing. The fibre can also be used dry It is suitable for use in hazardous non-spark areas as it is free of static..
Union Fibre Mixed fibers  For restoring the original color of studded flooring, a special soft union fibre is used to burnish
Gumati Fibre - Polishing and Smoothening of Floors Gumati (Arenga) is a medium stiff natural fibre, used for general purpose polishing. It cannot be used wet.
High-Buff Polishing of Floors is a mixture of natural fibre and grey coloured soft 0.6mm (0.024") nylon, impregnated with finely graded mineral polishing compound.